2022 Forrester Consulting TEI: SmartIQTM Enables Cost Savings, Solves Business Challenges

About the Study

2022 Forrester Consulting TEI: SmartIQ™ Enables Cost Savings, Solves Business Challenges

Today’s customers are digitally savvy. As such, customer experience is becoming an increasingly strategic priority for enterprises, especially those in highly regulated industries like healthcare, financial services and insurance. Meeting these high expectations, while remaining agile and compliant, requires cloud-based technology that enables companies to deliver a better experience to customers — quickly and efficiently.

Smart Communications recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study that explores the potential ROI and benefits for enterprises using SmartIQ. The insights discovered were significant and examined the impact of digitalization—for companies and their customers. The study helped highlight the top technology challenges enterprises face, in addition to providing an extensive financial analysis. Key findings for the interviewed customer include:

• Reducing the cost of capturing customer data by 70%
• Increase of NPS by 13 points
• An ROI of 136%

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