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A Mature Technology in an Emerging Market

We've spent over 30 years perfecting SmartIQ as a leading data collection solution. It has evolved from handling simple forms processes to becoming a sophisticated solution that digitalizes even the most intricate use cases in today's market.

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Industry Experience That Matters

With a constant influx of new technology vendors entering the market, it's not always easy to find the best-fit solution. SmartIQ has been carefully crafted to handle the ever-evolving complexity of forms processes. We never stop innovating, adding new features to keep things fresh and efficient.

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Synergy Group shares why SmartIQ is an important part of their low-code transformation strategy.

“It is very uncommon for vendors to be so proactive about wanting to educate their customers on how to get the most out of their technology. Often, that education stops at the point the license is sold. Whereas I find with Smart Communications, it’s really through the life of really wanting to get the best for the customers. And that’s very exciting for me from a low-code advisory perspective.”

Sarah-Louise MacDonald
Executive Director, Synergy Group

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Capabilities No Enterprise Forms Automation Solution Should Be Without

Companies have long sought to automate intake forms and data collection processes. When evaluating vendors, you may even consider your own IT developers as a potential solution. Here are a handful of critical features a viable forms automation solution should have that internal IT teams struggle to replicate:

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Data Collection Icon

Rules-driven data collection

Apply Branding Icon

Apply branding elements with no code, including video

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Start on one device, continue on another

Signature Icon

Multiple signing options

Drag and Drop Icon

Drag-and-drop design

Capture Photo Icon

Capture live photos and upload documentation

Data Approval

Data and approval workflow engine

Usage Analytics Icon

Usage analytics

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"If I could use one word to describe Smart Communications it would be 'helpful'. The quality of the training that I received, the three-day introductory, and also the ongoing Support from all of the teams has been great."

– David Fischer, Digital Workflows Analyst, Sonic Healthcare
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SmartIQ At Work Around the World

Our global team is committed to supporting your success. Take a look through the lense of these customers

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