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Pekin Insurance Kickstarts Digital Transformation

Established insurance agency says goodbye to legacy system, reduces costs and speeds up document generation process.

Pekin Insurance has been proudly serving customers personal, commercial, and life insurance product offerings since 1921.

Now spanning across 21 state, this well-established agency found their outdated ways weren’t enough to keep up with growing communication demands.

Imagine being nearly two decades behind the technology curve due to an outdated architecture and high maintenance on-premise infrastructure.

Pekin Insurance had no choice but to quickly pivot and rebuild a baseline to catch up with the industry.

But with over 18 core systems, how do you know where to start?

That’s where Smart Communications comes into play. We helped lay the foundation for future digital optimization opportunities to enhance Pekin’s overall customer experience.

By infusing agility to support their business and technology modernization, Pekin Insurance is evolving to become a true leader in consumer and business insurance.

You can read their full story below!

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The digital world has changed the game, and insurers are intensely focused on improving the customer experience. Discover a new era of customer communications in insurance with predictions from Mark Breading of Strategy Meets Action.
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A+ Rated Commercial Insurance Provider

Legendary auto insurer accelerates time to market, protects innovator status

Picture this … you’re one of the largest car insurance providers in the UK, with additional presence in Europe and the U.S.

You’re known for being the first to bring important innovations to the industry.

But when customers double, your outdated communications management software fails to keep up.

The time it takes to get new products to market threatens your reputation as an innovator.

So, you turn to Smart Communications.

We help you cater communications to the channels preferred by your customers, relieve the burden on IT, and put more control in the hands of your business users.

Now when the next big idea strikes, you’ll be ready to take it to your customers right away.

That’s what it means to scale the conversation.

The shortest route to the same page.

Scale the conversation.

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