Multinational Financial Services Corporation

Credit card giant wrangles more than a billion communications without breaking a sweat

Picture this … you’re a major multinational credit card company.

With more than 100 million cards in circulation, business is booming.

But all that business requires you to send more than a billion communications each year, accurately and securely.

You’d like to convert many of these communications from print to digital, but your legacy CCM software isn’t moving fast enough.

So, you turn to Smart Communications.

With an easier-to-use interface, all your business users – including 40,000 customer service reps – can personalize communications right from their desktop, without going to IT. And with one-and-done templating, you can update branding and critical info without taking a weeks-long timeout.

Now you’re doing business in the 21st century.

Those one billion communications are more secure and efficient than they’ve ever been. And now that you’re on more customer-friendly channels, everything’s looking up. That’s what it looks like to scale the conversation.

Enterprise communications without enterprise complexity.

Scale the conversation.

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American Financial Services Corporation

Major American bank slashes complexity, saves $100M

Picture this … you’re one of the largest financial services corporations in the United States.

Every day, you’re rushing to onboard new customers while at the same time sending critical updates to existing ones.

To better compete, you want to improve the customer experience.

But you also need to cut costs. You wonder how you’ll ever reach your customers on new channels, with more personalization, when you’re already dealing with a mess of legacy systems you’ve acquired over the years.

So, you turn to Smart Communications.

We quickly get you up and running on our platform. And, by helping standardize your process and rationalize your templates, we make it possible for you to do more with less.

With fewer complexities to manage, you add $100M to the bottom line while reaching more customers on more channels with more customizations.

You’ve gone from juggling thousands of templates to easily managing just a few hundred. That’s what it looks like to scale the conversation.

Faster trade negotiations?
Good deal.

Scale the conversation.

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