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Smart Communications and OneSpan

A seamless digital signature integration to streamline e-signature customer journeys

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Smart Communications and OneSpan: A SMART Partnership to Enhance Customer Experiences

Hear from OneSpan’s Chief Product Officer, Sameer Hajarnis as he presents how the partnership between Smart Communications and OneSpan is based on a mutual focus to enhance customer experience and solve real-world industry CX problems together.

Benefits of Digital Signature Integration with SmartIQ™ and OneSpan Sign

By fully digitizing agreements and incorporating our digital signature integration with OneSpan Sign, your organization can provide an intuitive, personalized, and secure way for customers to complete required agreements or forms—and, at the same time, reduce costs, generate efficiency, and create more sustainable business practices. This integrated solution provides a wealth of realized benefits, including:

Enhance Customer Experiences and ROI

Increase overall completion rates with fully white-labeled, mobile-ready forms and real-time data validation.

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Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Improve employee productivity by eliminating manual data entry (and the processing errors that come with it) using pre-built connectors, automated approval workflows and a seamless end-to-end digital experience.

Build Secure and Compliant Digital Customer Journeys

Prove compliance and deflect legal disputes with the most comprehensive e-signature audit trails made possible by digital signature integration.

Forms managment

SmartIQ and OneSpan Sign: Enterprise Forms Management with Digital Signature Integration

SmartIQ leverages real-time data and customized approval workflows to power intuitive, response-based forms-related processes. This empowers customer-focused businesses to create data-driven interactions throughout the customer journey - from acquisition and onboarding, to servicing and growth.

Smart Communications in partnership with OneSpan provides an integrated digital forms management solution with secure electronic signatures allowing organizations to drive up completion rates by creating a unique and trusted customer experience.


SmartIQ from Smart Communications

SmartIQ revolutionizes the customer experience by transforming lengthy paper- or PDF-based processes into fast, secure, and personalized digital form processes. By making the processes easier, customers stay engaged longer and companies are able to streamline internal processes, mitigate risk, and reduce dependencies on IT.

Explore the solution brief to learn more about the SmartIQ integration with OneSpan Sign.

Download the Solution Brief
Solution Brief

Explore Key Capabilities of SmartIQ and OneSpan Sign

Leverage response-based forms with integrated e-signature

Create secure, response-driven interviews, and generate a signature-ready agreement using OneSpan Sign e-signature capabilities.

Expedite transaction turnarounds with approval workflows
On-demand customer communications and e-sign delivery
Use native integration to improve data quality
Document tools
Adaptive insights and audit trail

Smart Communications and OneSpan

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The Future of Customer Experience in Embedded Lending: Delivering Growth by Reimagining Frictionless Customer Journeys

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The Many Ways to Harness the Power of SmartIQ and OneSpan Sign

SmartIQ and OneSpan Sign are trusted by leading financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare organizations, government agencies, and other enterprises to manage their end-to-end form processes, including digital signature integration capabilities. Examples include:


Customer Applications


Loan Originations


Wealth Management Onboarding




Customer Servicing and Loan Modifications


Healthcare and Benefits Enrollment


Supplemental Health Forms

Employee Offer Letters and Onboarding
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SmartIQ and OneSpan Sign

Learn more about digital signature integration and forms process automation available through SmartIQ and OneSpan Sign to enhance customer journeys.