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Benefits of Addressing Form Abandonment Rates

For years, companies have studied form abandonment rates, wishing they were lower, and have taken incremental steps to change behavior. With SmartIQ™, you can revolutionize your form and data collection processes swiftly and effortlessly, ensuring that employees, customers, and other stakeholders remain engaged throughout the entire process.

Increase Revenue
Expedite Time to Revenue

The faster and more frequently forms processes are completed, the faster that revenue impacts the bottom line. Easy, automated experiences mean people will finish what they started.

Increase Loyalty and Trust
Increase Loyalty and Trust

Many major life changes involve some type of form process. A seamless, user-friendly experience enhances customer satisfaction and fosters long-term relationships.

Boost Employee Productivity
Improve Employee Experience

Simplified data collection processes alleviate administrative burdens, allowing employees to focus on higher-value tasks. Drag and drop form design tools make it easy for non-technical users to build and deploy digital experiences fast.

Maximize Conversions
Create Viable Solutions for Tomorrow

By addressing form abandonment today, you set the foundation for innovative and scalable solutions in the future.

Get Your Forms
Across the Finish Line

Form abandonment is a common issue that companies face. When users encounter complex, lengthy, or confusing forms, they are more likely to give up midway. This results in lost opportunities and incomplete data collection. To tackle this, it’s crucial to focus on strategies that reduce form abandonment and improve form completion rates.

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Overcome Form Dropout Challenges with SmartIQ

SmartIQ provides the versatility and scalability needed to produce tangible results across the enterprise and increase form completions.


Data integrations with existing core systems pre-populates information within a form or agreement.


Content is generated in the format you need and seamlessly sent for eSignature.


Advanced business rules let you use collected data to determine the questions presented.


Mobile responsive technology and save-and-resume capabilities allow users to start on one device and pick up where they left off on another.


Real-time status updates notify customers, employees, and external stakeholders of approvals or changes in status.


White label capabilities and built-in branding tools allow you to create consistent online experiences for your customers.

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With SmartIQ, we are doing forms consolidation. We have over 250 manual forms with 20 different sections throughout them and 3000 different attributes. These are complex, post-sale order capture forms. Consolidating those forms is a business maturity step that allows us to tie hundreds of forms with different taxonomies and different terminologies all into a single guided form.

-- Major Healthcare Insurer, North America

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