Leave Legacy CCM Tech Behind

Looking for a new solution? You're not alone:
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Frustrated by maintenance hikes with minimal gains?
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Craving innovation from a dedicated CCM vendor?
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Ready for agility and cloud-readiness?
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Outgrowing your current solution’s capabilities?

We understand CCM migrations can be overwhelming – especially when facing the task of converting all existing communication templates. Don’t allow the perceived challenges of template conversion hold you back. Your customers and employees deserve better. Leveraging years of migration expertise, proven methods, system-specific conversion utilities, Migration Studio, and experienced Professional Services experts, we’ll guide you in crafting and executing the ideal plan.

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Leave Legacy CCM Tech Behind
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conceptual product interface of what smartcomm looks like after companies migrate their ccm to a modern system

Migration + Optimization + Rationalization

Many vendors attempt to automate CCM migration by simply replicating the components of each communication template. While this might appear to be the easiest path, we take a SMARTER approach. By automating conversion and reusing shared components (e.g. address blocks, logos, disclaimers) across the new SmartCOMM architecture, our clients typically reduce template overhead by 50-80%.

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Technology Accelerators Speed Automation

Our comprehensive and proven tools ensure a swift migration regardless of your starting point. We've developed a suite of technology accelerators for rapid legacy CCM migration. Our Professional Service-managed utilities automate conversions from dedicated legacy platforms - OpenText, Oracle Documaker, ISIS Papyrus, DOPiX, Conga, and more - and our Migration Studio effortlessly transforms PDF/MS Word output from any communications system.

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Flexible Commercial Solutions for CCM Migration
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Flexible Commercial Solutions for CCM Migration

Deciding how to address the commercial aspects of CCM migration is a frequent concern. Should you opt for a swift transition, or stagger the conversion over time? No matter your contractual status, our multi-tenant SaaS solution offers commercial flexibility to meet your unique requirements.

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"We needed to move to a cloud-based solution because we wanted to move away from having to take care of the data structure and move to a state where we can configure and simplify to the extent possible to benefit the customer. That led us to deploy much faster, in weeks rather than months"

- Ian-Edward Stafrace, Chief Strategy Officer, Atlas Insurance
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The Path to a New CCM System

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Audit of existing communications inventory
Categorization by LOB, complexity, type of communication
Prioritization of communications to be migrated according to business objectives and timelines
Define conversation strategy to avoid a life and shift migration that simply replicates in the new platform
Identify redundancy of templates
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Leverage an automated migration solution to help extract key elements of a communication including content, styling, fonts, image, pages and data elements
Automated creation and conversion of elements in new platform
Rationalization of migrated content to reduce duplication
Mapping to associated data files
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Optimizing & Testing

Comparison and coverage reports
Regression and QA testing
Automate deployment of new templates using APIs to enable CI/CD
Sign-off from compliance and other stakeholders
Augmentation of existing communications with additional functionality to enrich the customer experience
Extension of existing communications to additional channels

SmartSTART for SmartCOMM -
Easing the CCM Transition

Our Professional Services team offers a tailored service package to initiate your journey with SmartCOMM and oversee your migration process. Whether working independently or alongside your chosen system integrator, we provide the following services:

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Reusable content for future use cases​
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Configuration of SmartCOMM tenancy
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Workshops and training for a seamless transition
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Repeatable guide for easy template authoring​
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Ongoing integration and implementation support as needed​
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Project planning and work breakdown structure
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Solution requirements and design specification
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Functional use case in live end-to-end deployment
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Our enterprise best practices model for ongoing success
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Development, installation, and thorough testing of application subset (documents) using best practices

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Migrate With Confidence

Migrate with Confidence

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