The Game-Changing Benefits of Digital Forms Management

Deciding to truly digitalize complex and disjointed forms processes is a simple way for companies to streamline operations and reduce dependency on costly, outdated software that is hard to maintain (and even harder to staff).

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Eliminate IT Dependence

User-friendly design tools mean business users can build or update forms processes in minutes—allowing lines of business to own their processes and refocusing IT resources on strategic priorities.

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Reduce Operating Costs

Eliminate the high cost of paper, postage, data entry and document management associated with hundreds of lengthy, manual forms processes across the organization.

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Streamline Form Maintenance

By centralizing content elements such as logos and regulatory language, changes can be made quickly, one time, and applied across multiple projects—either in real-time or after testing in a dedicated sandbox.

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Improve Speed to Market

A drag-and-drop design module, interactive workflow canvas, and pre-built connectors mean fast implementation and the ability to get projects up and running in days, not months or years.

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“The streamlined workflow processes behind the app have halved the number of manual steps required to generate, modify and present quotations and options. It’s effectively consolidated a week’s worth of work down to just a few days. The quality of the brokers’ reports has improved significantly, and the data they’ve collected is far more consistent.”

– Jonathan Cook, Information Technology Manager, AON

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Meet the Leading Enterprise Forms Management Solution

SmartIQ is an enterprise forms management and forms automation solution that empowers organizations to quickly and easily centralize complex data collection processes using a single technology. Whether there are multiple lines of business managing forms or a single Center of Excellence, SmartIQ is designed so any business user can transform form processes into fast, secure, end-to-end digital experiences.

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A Single Solution Built for Enterprise Scalability

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Forms management processes vary from company to company and even across different lines of business within an enterprise. And each process comes with its own set of operating costs. SmartIQ centralizes forms management processes and curbs the costs caused by manual, outdated forms management programs.

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@mention capabilities provide digital collaboration throughout a process

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Stay updated on approvals, updates, and changes with status notifications.

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Apply business rules to present relevant questions and avoid unnecessary data capture

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Digitally transfer and store data and documents in core systems for reuse and audits

Translation Iocn

Replicate projects in users' preferred language with translation support.

Mobile Responsive Tech iocn

Mobile-responsive technology auto-adapts forms for a seamless user experience.

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Keep processes moving with approval workflows—no matter who's in or out of the office.

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Role-based authorization ensures only approved administrators can make changes to projects

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