Smarter Documentation for the Capital Markets Community

All of the G15 investment banks and some of the world’s largest energy and commodity companies trust SmartDX to help them simplify trade and relationship documentation for all market participants, across all asset classes and product types.  SmartDX accelerates all documentation processing for both the sell- and buy-side.

SmartDX works with the leading industry utilities, including IHS Markit Counterparty Manager.

Smarter Documentation

Dealers and buy-side firms can meet regulatory timeframes by facilitating the production of fully compliant documents through the use of approved, pre-defined industry standard templates.

Faster Negotiations

All client documentation can be created from pre-approved templates, expediting the drafting process. SmartDX intelligently highlights changes and edits in a document, allowing rapid review and instant online approval.

Increased Control and Transparency

All negotiations can be conducted centrally and securely online with a full audit trail of those negotiations – a single version of the truth – working across multiple teams and organizations.

Integration with Industry Utilities

Fully integrated with industry utilities providing an on-demand document negotiation service for trade and relationship documents, increasing efficiency and enabling users to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

How do you Scale the Conversation?

A top 10 global investment bank did it by processing all derivative post-trade documents on SmartDX™, improving automation and Straight Through Processing (STP) by 70%.

You shouldn’t need 9,387 templates.

Scale the conversation.

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