Want to simplify and accelerate your trade documentation processes? We’ve got a solution for that!

SMARTER Documentation for Capital Markets

Capital Markets participants can no longer afford inefficient document negotiation and manual processes. Documents must be created, shared and stored digitally to facilitate downstream data processing and reduce reconciliation. Currently, there continues to be a heavy reliance on market participants to manually reconcile data from documents throughout the trade lifecycle.

SmartDXTM cloud technology reduces manual capture of the same data terms across multiple teams and unlocks golden source data in machine readable format. This is critical to ensuring consistency in downstream systems, aiding in reconciliation and eliminating duplicate manual processes. Getting data into record keeping systems is a regulatory requirement and, increasingly, a business differentiator. The solution can be embedded into a bank’s business processes as part of implementing a document digitization strategy. This will provide significant improvements in operational efficiency and pave the way for new target operating models.

A Simplified and Trusted Trade Documentation Solution

SmartDX automates the composition of any document type for straight-through processing, interactive drafting, and central negotiation. Via a secure online environment, you can manage the drafting, negotiation, and execution of documentation while reducing costs, increasing transparency, and simplifying compliance in an increasingly regulated trading environment.

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Benefits of SmartDX

Dealers and buy-side firms can meet regulatory timeframes by facilitating the production of fully compliant documents through the use of their own clause library and rules engine.

All client documentation can be created from client templates, expediting the drafting process. SmartDX intelligently highlights changes and edits in a document, allowing rapid review and approval.

Negotiations can be conducted centrally on a document format that people can use without any training. SmartDX maintains a 100 percent machine-readable version of the document with a full negotiation audit trail– a single version of the truth – and access to all data and clauses. No more OCR or re-keying of data.

Full integration with industry utilities providing an on-demand document negotiation service for Capital Markets documents, increasing efficiency, and enabling users to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

SmartDX has pioneered the use of Word Round Tripping to facilitate negotiations with off-platform counterparties. This enables the merging of content changes made offline in MS Word, but most importantly, the capture of structured data is not lost when merging changes back into the digital SmartDX document format.

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