Forms Automation Will Make Your Business SMARTER

Companies are re-evaluating their non-digital processes in a race to support more online form capabilities, meet customer expectations, and create an outstanding experience. SmartIQ is a low-code enterprise forms automation solution that transforms traditional, one-directional paper forms and manual data entry processes into digital, two-way conversations. Empower your entire organization with a centrally-managed solution featuring secure automation tool integrations, advanced data and approval workflows, and robust branding capabilities for your form templates and digital forms.

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How SmartIQ Benefits Enterprises

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Group 459 (2) Improve Data Accuracy
Connect to existing data sources to pre-fill known information and validate or update collected data in real-time.
Group 459 (2) Expedite Processing Time
SmartIQ's form automation capabilities allow for near-instant delivery of form data and updates to approvers and stakeholders.
Group 459 (2) Create Truly Digital Experiences
Allow users to digitally submit the required data and supporting documentation on their preferred device. Make it simple for them to begin, pause and resume seamlessly from where they left off.
Group 459 (2) Use Throughout the Enterprise
User-friendly form automation tool lets any non-coder design and maintain forms projects, whether they are within a line of business or part of an enterprise automation team.
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Improve Data Accuracy
Tab 1 - Improve Data Accuracy-x2 (1)
Connect to existing data sources to pre-fill known information and validate or update collected data in real-time.
Expedite Processing Time
Create Truly Digital Experiences
Use Throughout the Enterprise

The Many Ways to Harness the Power of SmartIQ

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Financial Services

New Account Opening
Credit Applications
Investment Client Onboarding
Account Servicing Requests
Complaints and Disputes Processing


Beneficiary Management
Commercial Insurance Applications
Life Insurance Applications
Property and Casualty Claims


CAHPS Predictor Surveys
Health Risk Assessments
Member-Submitted Claims
Claims Appeals
Prior Authorizations

Supporting Your Technology Requirements

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Identifying a form automation tool that can convert traditional paper form processes into streamlined digital forms is the first step towards enhancing employee and customer experiences. The second step is ensuring the automation software complies with IT standards and introduces no risk to business processes.

Addressing Business Challenges with SmartIQ

SmartIQ helps to address some of the key challenges that businesses are facing – from improving data accuracy and completion rates to ensuring companies receive the right level of acknowledgement throughout their most critical business processes.

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Reduce Forms Abandonment

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Secure Forms Signatures

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Implement Centrally and Apply Broadly

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Why Choose SmartIQ?

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Integrations Made Easy

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A Closer Look at the Impact of Enterprise Forms Automation Technology


The Future of Forms is Here

Regardless of your location or the industry you operate in, there's a universal truth: businesses continue to rely on outdated, manual form processes and paper forms to gather data from customers and employees. In today's digital age, users expect interactive, online form experiences. It's time to meet their expectations with forms automation and provide the seamless digital interactions and professional services they deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get our teams trained on forms automation, once we have a SmartIQ environment and want to get started on projects?
How often can a project or digital form be updated, once it is live and in production?
Does SmartIQ work only for external form processes, or can it be used for internal automation as well?
Can form data be routed to multiple departments for approval?
How is data stored?
What is the cost structure for utilizing SmartIQ's forms automation solution?
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