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The Rise of SMARTER Conversations in a Post Pandemic World


By: Nick Smith, Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific at Smart Communications

Over the course of the past year, the way people live and work has fundamentally changed – and these are changes that will carry over into the months and years ahead. And as customer expectations continue to rise, the end-to-end customer experience will need to be better than ever.

The Smart Communications teams in EMEA and APAC have taken part in a number of events that explore how the COVID-19 health crisis is accelerating digital transformation initiatives in various industries and leading many enterprises to transform their customer communications into two-way, interactive conversations.

While most events have moved to the virtual stage, the discussions we have had were just as lively and the insights equally powerful. To ensure our readers have access to these expert panels, we have shared some of our favorite key takeaways from recent events below. 

Delivering Digital Customer Communications in Times of Drastic Change

The CX Exchange BFSI Virtual Think Tank explored how smart organizations in the finance, banking and insurance sectors adapted to meet their customers’ rapidly evolving needs during the COVID crisis. By gathering the right data and personalizing communications based on individual circumstances, companies were able to remain relevant and, most importantly, customers felt heard. Neil Greathead, Chief Customer Officer at Smart Communications, moderated the event.

To learn more about the power of strong connections and efficient service at scale, read the full event summary.

Adapting to the New Era of Remote Work and Consumer Demand

Smart Communications and FST Media brought together leaders from financial services institutions across Australia and New Zealand to dig into the changing demands of employees and customers in this brave new world. The post-event report highlights examples of how COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation and identifies  opportunities for business leaders willing to embrace change. One key takeaway: for forward-thinking businesses, a cloud-first, secure and easy-to-scale platform that links front- and back-end systems is essential.

Remote Work, Contactless Interactions and Transformational Change

Australian health insurers faced unique challenges in adapting to the many changes ushered in by the pandemic. This event, co-hosted by FST Media and Smart Communications, featured senior technology leaders discussing key business drivers this past year. In an industry that has long relied on paper-based interactions, customer demands for more seamless interactions are making the move to the cloud for a 360-degree customer view critical.  While compliance concerns and regulatory hurdles require a more considered approach, the drive for digital transformation will continue to accelerate. Read more in the complete post-event report.

A More Personalized Approach in Personal Lines

Leaders from Aviva, Guidewire Software, and Smart Communications’ Chris Childs debated how customer interactions evolved over the course of the pandemic to answer the question: what do customers really want and expect from their insurers? According to customer survey data, six key considerations determine how satisfied customers are with their insurer. With soaring expectations and increasing dependence on the convenience of digital interactions, many organizations are struggling to keep up. Explore the event recap to find the proactive steps insurers can take to transform existing customer data into meaningful interactions that feel less transactional and keep customers happy.

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