If your cloud-based customer communications solution requires a hardware install, is it really a cloud-based solution? Probably not!

Cloud-based CCM tools for a digital-first, customer-driven world.

Built from the cloud up, Smart Communications helps enterprises deliver SMARTER conversations across the entire customer lifecycle—and at scale. By putting more control into the hands of consumers and engaging in interactive, real-time conversations across every channel, companies can provide exceptional experiences that lead to deeper loyalty and increased ROI.

Smart Communications delivers these capabilities via a robust platform that includes the enterprise-scale customer communications management power of SmartCOMMTM, the trade documentation expertise of SmartDXTM, and forms transformation capabilities made possible only by SmartIQTM. And all strengthened by our unique Conversation Cloud framework, which enables easy integrations for increased efficiency and more complete customer views.

SMARTER Conversations
via Industry-Leading

Next-Generation Customer
Communications Management

SmartCOMMTM delivers personalized, interactive communications via multiple channels and at tremendous scale. Designed for the business user, it simplifies and standardizes processes, thus improving internal efficiency and increasing ROI.

Forms Transformation

SmartIQTM  transforms traditional forms-based processes into intelligent, conversational user experiences.  It increases customer engagement while streamlining internal systems, managing risk and reducing demand for support services—delivering more customers ready to transact.

Trade Simplified

All of the G15 investment banks and some of the world’s largest energy and commodity companies trust SmartDXTM to help them simplify trade and relationship documentation for all market participants, across all asset classes and product types.

A More Complete
View of the Customer

The Conversation CloudTM framework helps enterprises easily integrate Smart Communications solutions with other key pieces of their technology ecosystem. These tight integrations reduce internal silos and lead to more complete customer views. The Conversation CloudTM Marketplace, a first in the CCM industry, offers a selection of pre-built adaptors and plug-ins to other market-leading CX technologies and applications.