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Optimizing Member Engagement at Every Point of the Health Insurance Journey


By: John Zimmerer, VP Industry Marketing, Healthcare at Smart Communications

Many health insurers – roughly 75% — believe their member communications are excellent or very good. However, members have a different perspective, with only about half ranking their insurers’ communications favorably.

Unfortunately, health insurers all too often view member communications fine as-is. In today’s climate, however, where members expect a tailored, digital-first approach, insurers must better understand and meet these expectations to enhance the end-to-end member journey. This means optimizing every interaction, starting with enrollment and onboarding to managing the claims process and introducing care management initiatives.  For example, knowing that 60% of members would abandon an inefficient form-based process, a medical diagnostics company implemented a solution that cut the time members spent filling out paperwork by 89%.

In this infographic below, we highlight what members expect, where plans are falling short and where they should invest to succeed long-term. Keep reading to learn more:

To take a deeper dive into the member journey, check out our new white paper, Digital Enrollment and Onboarding for Health Insurance Plans. We explore every touchpoint of the enrollment process and identify key areas of optimization that will set your member experience apart from the competition.