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How Low-Code Automation from SmartIQ™ Enhances Customer Experiences

By: Sally Schulte, Product Marketing Director at Smart Communications 

As enterprises around the world face unprecedented levels of disruption and ever-increasing customer expectations, business leaders are rethinking their customer experience strategies—and speed to market is critical. To meet demand, companies are exploring and implementing secure, low-code solutions that transform one-way, siloed interactions into secure, automated digital processes.  

Customers are interacting with large institutions such as those in financial services, insurance and healthcare at some of the most critical moments in their lives. Significant life events such as an accident, planning for a major life event or navigating an illness, are opportunities for businesses to create meaningful, simple and sensitive experiences.  

Unfortunately, impersonal, and time-consuming, paper-based or PDF forms processes have been the standard way to navigate through these life changes, negatively impacting how customers view the companies that are there to support them. In this post, we will dive into how low-code forms software like SmartIQ™ enables enterprises to exceed customer expectations while also creating more efficient internal processes. We’ll also share how some of the new tools available in SmartIQ empower businesses to work more intelligently, quickly and digitally with their customers.  

Low-Code Forms Solutions for Business Users 

In any industry, having the right software and systems can make a huge difference in the way internal users and external customers interact. Your employees — the people who will use these tools most often — can enhance the customer experience when they have greater ownership over how they communicate with customers.  

By implementing low-code forms solutions, employees across the enterprise can own their business processes directly — allowing them to better serve customers without relying on internal IT teams. With several pre-built, validated connectors and flexible architecture, SmartIQ is easily implemented and automatically updated, bi-weekly. This ensures business users can quickly take advantage of feature enhancements to deliver a seamless customer experience. This also means that previously resource-strained IT teams can focus on larger, more strategic initiatives instead of installing software updates.   

Some additional benefits of the SmartIQ low-code solution include: 

  • Drag-and-drop interfaces make it easy to learn and use while providing specific business units with ownership over projects. 
  • Centralized software application allows for broad use across multiple lines of business without the need for users to obtain added licenses. 
  • Automated approval workflows speed up processing times and allow for real-time status​ updates.  
  • Real-time data verification through core system integrations reduces incomplete or muddled data.​  
  • Analytics to evaluate forms performance help to identify potential areas of confusion, regional trends and additional process statistics. 
  • High security standards ensure compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 certifications, HIPAA and more.  

Optimizing forms processes is just the beginning of creating an easier, more secure experience. Guided, interactive forms can enhance the value of e-signature solutions, for example, and give customers the digital-first, end-to-end experience they expect.  

For more on the powerful pairing of e-signature solutions and sophisticated forms, check out 'Get to eSignature Faster: Maximize the Value of Your eSignature Investment with True Forms Automation

Maintaining Brand Standards in a Digital Environment 

There’s a good reason B2B companies devote (at least) 5 percent of their annual revenue to branding every yearit’s integral to creating a consistent experience. That’s why Smart Communications has developed features within SmartIQ that ensure companies can achieve the consistency that wouldn’t otherwise be possible by using paper forms or PDFs. Theme Builder, for example, is a low-code module that allows companies to brand forms based on business unit or the type of project. Business users can control a range of visual elements—from logos and colors to typography and styling—and view them in a live preview that makes it easy to view changes instantly and in context.  

These components allow enterprises to create a responsive, cohesive look and feel that is aligned with the company’s brand standards. This can help build brand awareness, loyalty and trust —important factors in attracting new customers and building and retaining trust among existing ones.  

Global, Cloud Offering Enhances Security and Compliance  

As technology (and the way we all use it) continues to evolve, so does the need to keep information secure across the various platforms and in the different geographies in which data is stored.  Not only do companies face regulatory fines due to non-compliance, they can also damage their reputation due to security breaches or other security-related mishaps. And, while regulatory requirements are on the rise around the world, requirements vary by country—adding complexity to an already challenging landscape for software solutions.  

Let’s look at Canada, as an example. According to PilotCore’s explanation of Canadian Privacy Laws, it can be extremely tricky to navigate how to operate digitally when it comes to data transfers, transparency and levels of protection. That’s why, in 2021, Smart Communications added a data center in Canada— easing the burden of understanding what to do if data travelled outside Canada and subsequently helping Canadian enterprises deliver secure, compliant customer experiences.  

Additional Benefits of Forms Modernization 

Consumers continue to have their attention grabbed by any number of things these days. That’s why requiring people to download additional tools or jump through other hoops to complete a form can quickly turn a customer’s experience into a negative one. However, gathering information is still important for businesses as they must understand customer needs and how to meet them.  

Fortunately, with more resources – like low code forms solutions – at their fingertips, businesses are better equipped to provide exceptional customer experiences from the very first interaction. Software that allows customers to quickly fill out a form, from wherever they are, allows companies to get the necessary information without bogging customers down with static forms or PDFs. When a company is willing to meet its customers (or potential customers) where they are in order to make their lives easier, they become a brand that people trust and want to do business with. 

Learn more about how our low-code forms solution can help your company better serve its customers and enhance the end-to-end customer experience.