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Human Element in Digital Transformation by Vlocity

The Human Element in Digital Transformation and More Insights from Our Virtual Roundtable

By | Partner Insights, Thought Leadership

Phil Ostberg, Product Manager at Vlocity
Developing an omnichannel claims strategy, where policyholders can engage with you in their channel of choice and seamlessly switch between channels, is an important component of digital transformation in the claims space. Vlocity’s Product Manager, Phil Ostberg, covers the benefits of a modernized claims experience and more insight from our joint virtual roundtable.

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Next-Generation CCM Powers the Future of Utilities

By | News, Thought Leadership

Nick Kelly, Account Director at Smart Communications
Digital transformation has changed the way consumers do everything from getting a ride and booking a holiday to paying bills and managing their money. It’s time for utility suppliers to catch up – and the time to act is now. Adopting the best processes and technologies to really drive change will set utility companies up for future success. Smart Communications is ready to help.

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Situations Change, So Too Must Your Processes

By | News, Thought Leadership

Nick Smith, VP Sales & General Manager, APAC at Smart Communications
In the digital era, there’s no shortage of data. Most organizations in both the private and public sectors have an abundance of it—in fact, many have more than they know what to do with. According to a recent survey, 55% of data that companies collect goes unused. Getting the most out of your data starts with how you collect it. While many organizations have moved away from relying solely on outdated paper-based processes, simply becoming more digital-first doesn’t necessarily mean you’re making the most of the process.

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