Customer Conversations: What Consumers Expect, What They’re Currently Receiving and Why it Matters

Consumers have strong opinions about how they expect businesses to communicate with them. If companies don’t meet these expectations, they are not afraid to walk away. In this webinar, Hitesh Bhindi, Director of Professional Services for Smart Communications, and Brad McGeown, SVP with PNC Financial Services, discuss the results of a recent survey the company conducted to determine consumer perspectives on communication elements that are important to them, the quality of communications they are currently receiving and how these interactions impact brand loyalty and more.

Hitesh and Brad offer tips on how enterprises can act on these insights to deliver more meaningful customer conversations and the best possible customer experience, including the following:

  • Ensure interactions are personalized for the recipient
  • Develop communications that are well designed, error free and easy to read
  • Consider preferences and preferred methods of communication
  • Recognize recent customer interactions with the company to ensure relevant communications

Brad McGeown
SVP at PNC Financial

Brad is SVP and Senior Software Service Manager of Written Communications/Customer Management for PNC Financial.  He leads a diverse team in the development of Smart Communications’ enterprise Customer Communications Management(CCM) platform. Under his leadership, PNC Financial received an inaugural Smart Communications SCALE award in 2017 for Best in Class Enterprise Implementation of Customer Conversations Management. As part of its digital transformation efforts, its Smart Communications implementation is now a Center of Excellence for all correspondence within PNC Financial Services, enabling consistent branding, a 60-90% template reduction and faster time to market—while also reducing costs.

Hitesh Bhindi

Hitesh Bhindi
Director of Professional Services, Smart Communications

Hitesh Bhindi is Director of Professional Services for Smart Communications. He is focused on helping organizations migrate to SaaS solutions and improve their customer communications.  Prior to joining Smart Communications he served in a similar roles at Ricoh and IBM.