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INNOVATE North America 2022: How To Execute Digital Transformation Fast

Tim Hays, VP Information Technology, Mountain West Farm Bureau & 360 Insurance

Today’s consumers expect two-way, interactive conversations. Implementing a digital-first strategy can optimize the customer’s end-to-end journey and provide SMARTER ways of engagement. The customer experience calls for digital tools that support hyper-personalization and two-way conversations, offer easy-to-use interfaces, and seamlessly deliver information across customers’ preferred channels and devices.

Mountain West’s CIO recognized that old world snail mail and phone communication was failing to delight customers, reduce expenses, or meet increasing expectations for faster digitally enabled services. He took this on as a challenge to digitize operations – and do it quickly!

In this session you will learn how to:

Respond to the new range of expectations being set by digital savvy customers

Increase engagement levels across the customer life cycle to drive improved customer satisfaction

Enable effective, two-way conversations across preferred channels

Improve the customer experience while driving down costs

Develop Cloud-First strategies to enable agility and speed in IT execution