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INNOVATE EMEA 2022: The Next Generation of Customer Conversations in Insurance

Dave Towers, Smart Communications

Making Customer Conversations Management Vital to your Customer Experience Strategy 

A positive customer experience is a top imperative for insurance organisations and is closely tied to the modern, digital interactions customers have come to expect.  CX is ranked as a key metric for measuring successful transformation projects and viewed as a prime determinant of loyalty and future revenue – particularly as many products move to commoditization.

Insurance organisations primarily communicate with their customers using legacy approaches and have concerns about how to effectively leverage the power of mobile devices and other emerging channels to interact in real time, share information electronically, and complete business transactions quickly and simply. 

In this interactive session, join the conversation as we explore the innovative use cases that SMART customers are deploying to increase engagement and improve the customer experience.  Learn why customer communication is vital to your customer experience strategy and how your organisation can deploy and fully leverage the power of a pure cloud modern conversation platform with The Conversation Cloud™ to deliver SMARTER conversations with your customers.