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INNOVATE EMEA 2022: Conversations Without Limits

James Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Smart Communications

Neil Greathead, Chief Communications Officer, Smart Communications

Chuck Fazio, VP Global Alliances and Partners, Smart Communications

Roel van de Donk, Lead Developer, ABN AMRO

Puck van den Berg, Stream Lead Products & Quoting, ABN AMRO

For more than two years, we have faced many limitations. While we coped with supply chain delays, new government regulations, hybrid work environments and more, customer demands for digital-first experiences were also increasing. In the face of all of these disruptions, many companies were tasked with rethinking how they could most effectively communicate with customers.

The good news? We’ve seen an incredible acceleration in digital transformation efforts at enterprises around the world and across industries and can now celebrate our ability to deliver conversations without limits. This keynote will dive into how mature, cloud-first companies like Smart Communications are equipping enterprises to do just this while being faster, smarter and more innovative and creating meaningful customer experiences at every interaction.

You’ll also hear how we are putting our customers (and ultimately the experience of their customers) first as we invest in our technology, our partner network and our professional services offerings to ensure we are preparing enterprises for a future in which conversations are the cornerstone of exceptional customer experiences.