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Prudential is a leading international financial services company, offering a wide range of products and services from insurance and pension products to retail and institutional fund management services. With operations in Asia, the UK, Europe and the US, the Prudential group consists of a number of well-known and respected brands, including Prudential, M&G Investments, Jackson National Life and Prudential Corporation Asia and has attracted more than 20 million customers worldwide.

The Challenge

  • Products are distributed through a number of channels with diverse communication demands.
  • Several isolated document generation systems that were being operated and maintained by IT.
  • Change to Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulations meant that thousands of Prudential’s document templates would need to be updated across all of its systems.
  • Scale and risk to the business meant that the exercise was extremely costly to perform and tied up IT resources for nearly six months.
  • A percentage of call centre traffic could be avoided with the introduction of greater clarity and consistency in branding of outbound customer communications.


Why read this case study?

Find out the results and why  Janet Hambly, Document Manager, Prudential said: “Smart Communications has enabled Prudential to transform its customer communication process. Our business is now able to communicate more clearly and consistently with our customers, whilst having the agility to quickly respond to new regulation and market demand.”

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