Smart Communications customers assembled at the Omni Hotel, Dallas at the end of 2016 for our premier customer event, INNOVATE North America 2016.

During the event, the audience learned that business and client communication is of paramount importance to targeting customers effectively. ‘The new generation of customer communications’ are aided by the latest developments within technology. Smart Communications offers solutions to businesses so they can communicate in an efficient way with their intended audience.

Eddie Robinson of Nautilus Insurance Group stated that Smart Communications has made ‘our customer experience more agile’ and that ‘our system uses more communications’ which has been an effective aid for his business in relation to customer communications.

Betty Mattick of Guidewire alludes to this: ‘The value that we have and what we have heard from our customers is that it makes the decision easier for them because there’s two trusted subject matter experts who understand the products and how they work together.’

Smart Communications provides solutions that today’s businesses require. Innovative customer communication methods help to improve the management of customer communications which therefore aids productivity in relation to business communication which is crucial to the success of a company. Smart Communications allows companies to be more agile and receptive in communicating with their customers.

Smart Communications strives to build excellent communications with their customers and are excited about our technology and the positive impact that this can have on business. George Wright of Smart Communications claims that it is a ‘very exciting time’ and ‘I think we will see even more excitement in 2017.’  

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