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Becoming a Digital-First Insurance Organization

Digital-first strategies across insurance operations are now becoming a necessity, prompting the need for Insurers to act at an accelerated rate as the insurance landscape continues to evolve. To remain competitive, insurance executives need to revisit business operating models and build a more decisive approach to becoming a more customer-centric organization.   Today’s consumers expect two-way, interactive conversations – a far cry from the one-way, transactional communications of the past. Insurers must implement a digital-first strategy to optimize the customer’s end-to-end journey and provide SMARTER ways of engagement.   Effective use of modern communication tools by Insurers enable digital-first interactions that bolster engagement levels with the insureds. They also provide opportunities to deliver exceptional customer care, improve productivity and reducing costs.      

In this 45-minute webinar, Tom Benton, Vice President, Research & Consulting at Aite-Novarica Group and Ruth Fisk, Vice President Insurance Marketing at Smart Communications, will cover trends focusing on: 

  • Servicing your customers in a cost-effective manner and in real-time
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance in a quick and nimble way
  • Enabling two-way conversations with your Customers
  • Creating effective and timely communications across all channels