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INNOVATE North America 2022: Changing the Conversation in Lending and Credit Services

Karen Oakland, VP Vertical Marketing – Finance, Smart Communications

Jeffrey Hazelwood, Managing Director – Institutional Banking Solution Manager, The Bancorp

Customer expectations have changed across the lending lifecycle, and static, one-way communications won’t cut it in a world of disruptive fintechs and new competition such as BNPL and non-traditional financing firms. The speed of change, coupled with the expectation for hyper-personalized engagement, puts new demands on your technology strategy. In this session we’ll discuss how Smart Communications customers are leveraging the Conversation Cloud™ to deliver hyper-personalized, two-way, on-demand interactions for loan origination, servicing and collections.

Hear how The Bancorp’s institutional banking business has transformed loan origination, creating efficiencies and accelerating turnaround time to meet changing client expectations.

Find out how to use your communications technologies strategically to build customer trust and demonstrate empathy, even at the scale of digital.

See how with Coordinate capabilities, the Conversation Cloud™ platform enables you to use real-time analytics and AI to orchestrate two-way communications across multiple digital and print channels, even voice and chatbots.