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Evolving Customer Form Processes for Banks and Lenders with SmartIQ

In a digital-first world, applying for a loan, requesting mortgage assistance, or requesting to skip a payments should be secure and simple interactions for your customers—they also need to be personal and flexible. To get there, lenders are challenged with evaluating the manual forms and processes they have, envisioning what they want those processes to look like, and transforming them into positive, interactive, digital experiences. While it can sound overwhelming, it does not have to be.    SmartIQ(tm) is a cloud-based software solution that meets clients where they are on their digital journey—helping clients securely replace static forms and manual review processes with data-powered customer interviews and automated approval processes. Join us for a short demonstration showcasing how SmartIQ can modernize bank servicing interactions such as requests for loan forbearance without sacrificing security or data integrity.