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Leveraging Low Code Digital Platforms to Reduce Administrative Burden for Life Insurers


By: Ruth Fisk, VP Insurance Marketing at Smart Communications

Life Insurers have previously been slow to adopt new technologies, but in recent years have placed a significant focus and investment in more digital-first strategies.  The pandemic was the catalyst behind this shift in focus, and is allowing Life Insurers to address the ever-changing demands of today’s digital-savvy consumer.

But what isn’t discussed enough is some of the additional benefits of these digitalization strategies, such as how to reduce administrative expenses, that are equally important to improving the customer experience and also help to reduce operating costs.

While improving the customer experience should always be a top imperative for Life Insurers, they must also focus on how to reduce administrative expenses and burdens necessary to issue policies.  Across the entire insurance value chain, leveraging low code digital platforms in their digital transformation initiatives has been proven to deliver value with specific benefits, including:

  • Operational Efficiency. Eliminate waste in processes surrounding submission, underwriting, facultative reinsurance, amendments and exclusions and policy issuance.
  • Cost Reduction. Significantly reduce the costs to issue and service a life insurance policy.
  • Improved Quality. Reduce Not in Good Order (NIGO) rates to improve quality, reduce rework and decrease turnaround time.
  • Speed to Market. Issue policies quickly to increase customer satisfaction and speed to revenue.
  • Effective Use of Resources. Reduce redundant manual processes, giving back more time to focus on the customer experience.


Enhanced operational efficiency, increased speed to coverage and reduced NIGO rates will be essential for the future of life insurance.  As we move into this new era for the industry, let’s investigate an approach that ultimately will improve quality and efficiency while also greatly enhancing time-to-market.

Low Code Digital Platforms for Forms Transformation can Make Your Business SMARTER

Forms transformation is a key area of any Life Insurers’ digital strategy.  Providing adaptive, intelligent interviews that guide customers and employees through any process that requires specific information to be collected, verified and then acted upon are good candidates for low code digital platforms.  Using real-time data and customized workflows to create intuitive, interview-style forms empowers customer-focused businesses to streamline data-driven interactions along the entire customer journey, from acquisition and onboarding to servicing and growth.  These could include processes that are both internal and external to your operations, including New Business Submission, Facultative Reinsurance Shopping, Amendments and Exclusions and Claims to name just a few!

As the need for transformation intensifies, companies are looking for proven solutions that provide more intuitive forms experiences, manage risk and deliver compliant and automated digital interactions.  Below is a real-life example of just some of the benefits that a Top 10 North American Life Insurer was able to achieve in their forms transformation journey.

Significantly reduced turnaround time to process claims, saving thousands of employee hours


40% faster turnaround time


Reduced NIGO rates, leading to faster claims approvals and payments for customers


67% reduced NIGO rates

2,000 employee hours saved annually

Reduced Call Center Volumes 5% reduction in call center volume


The Key Benefits of Low Code Digital Platforms

Capgemini, a leader in the digital transformation space, recently released a new report that supports the industry’s need to leverage flexible, agile solutions built on low code digital platforms.

The key benefits and value of low code digital platforms according to the report include:

  • Enabling cohesive alignment between business and IT teams to enhance productivity.
  • Requiring significantly less capital and operational investment than traditional software development approaches.
  • Taking products to market quickly and making product updates on the fly.
  • Freeing IT team bandwidth, enabling members to focus on high-impact and complex projects.
  • Standardizing technical assets and development methodologies across the organization.


It’s time for Life Insurers to transform traditional forms-based processes into intelligent, conversational user experiences. Attract customers – and keep them loyal – by delivering seamless, mobile-friendly, guided interactions while also streamlining internal systems, managing risk, and reducing demand for support services. The result? More customers ready to transact and less friction, more efficient processes – from the acquisition to onboarding to service of your customers.

Smart Communications provides an integrated solution that allows customers, employees and stakeholders to harness the value of adaptive and intuitive digital forms with the key capabilities of The Conversation Cloud™.   Don’t procrastinate, letting inaction risk stifling your insurance business. Connect with us today and we will show you how to reduce administrative expenses and engage your customers in SMARTER conversations via digital experiences.

Smart Communications has long been recognized  by all major analysts (Gartner, Forrester, Novarica and IDC ) as a Leader and Innovator in enterprise-scale Workflow and Content Automation (WCA) and Customer Communications Management (CCM) – and most recently by Aspire in its 2021 Leaderboard Assessment,  based both on our proven cloud approach, our strategy for enabling meaningful two-way customer conversations and our platform that’s purpose-built for an optimized end-to-end customer experience.