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4 Reasons to Attend the Banking Automation Summit

By Scott Draeger, SVP of Product Marketing and Vertical Solutions 

One of the reasons I enjoy working at Smart Communications is because it allows me to learn about, and discuss, the products that help banking leaders around the world improve the way they onboard new clients, better serve their current clients, and stay ahead of regulatory changes in an uncertain economic climate.  

Getting out to learn what’s on the mind of bankers, and the description for the Banking Automation Summit in Nashville, TN seemed like my kind of event. I'll be there March 18-19th with others from my team at Smart Communcations, and we hope to see you there! In this article, we’ll dig into four reasons to attend the event, but first let’s look at how our software solutions help banks and FSIs provide exceptional customer experiences. 

Digital-First Engagement for Banks 

The event description grabbed us, “Anchored in intelligent automation strategies, this event gathers stars from the financial sector, offering unparalleled insights into the merger of cutting-edge tech and banking. Amidst a relaxed yet professional setting, attendees are poised for genuine, high-quality networking, ensuring they engage, learn, and collaborate.”   

Smart Communications has helped financial services organizations like yours deliver better conversations with your customers using our market-leading customer communications management technology. We help drive digital-first engagement across banking, credit, and asset management applications. Our SmartCOMM™ and SmartIQ offerings help banks save millions with account opening, onboarding, and client servicing conversations made faster and simpler.  

1. Learn from Banking Leaders in Transformational Roles 

As the Smart Communications team prepares for the summit, we’re building out our schedules just like you. The team is looking forward to presentations from a variety of speakers with a wide range of perspectives from their specialties. We are looking forward to Anuj Shah from PNC’s AI perspective, Dominic Cugini from Key Bank for a Chief Transformation Officer’s view, Jude Schramm from Fifth Third for the CIO’s frame of reference, and Maria Mason from Citizens Bank for an Enterprise Product Manager’s outlook. 

2. Align Your Challenges to Customer Feedback

While we are certainly interested in learning at the event, we have a lot to offer as well. On your way to the conference, check out our 2023 Benchmark Report for the Financial Services Industry. The three key findings show that customer communications are a strong driver of loyalty, generational channel preferences should not be dismissed, and consumers perceive ease of interaction as trust from their banks. 

3. Level Up Your Professional Network

While you are at the Banking Automation Summit, make sure to meet with some of our team members. We can show you how our customers are staying ahead of regulations while exceeding customer expectations. We will show you how our cloud-native Customer Communications Management (CCM) and forms automation technology is instantly deployed, quickly implemented, and in line with your bank’s 2024 goals.  

As you think about collaborating with peers at the Banking Automation Summit, it is important to seek out people from other banks with different roles. At Smart Communications, we find the greatest successes start with larger teams. As you look at the customer experiences that are associated with communications, you will find people that focus on challenges at the customer-facing front office, integrations of the middle office, and regulatory constraints of the back office.  

4. Tap into an Amazing Source of Peer Insights

If you want to engage, learn, and collaborate, think about some small talk you could make with the people at the summit. Ask some of the speakers and other attendees about their roles, and how they approach communication and customer experience. Chat with some of the attendees over a snack break what they could automate if rates go up three percent.  

At the cocktail reception, see what projects others would accelerate if rates decreased by three percentage points. While you are waiting for the session to begin, see if your neighbor turns regulations into communications quickly? Ask how they track the history of the conversations that make up each customer’s relationship with your bank. 

Connect with the Smart Communications Team

We’ll be in the sessions, learning with you. Connect with us at the summit. If you can’t wait until then, take a look at our Loan Application Demo, Loan Servicing Demo, or book a demonstration before the event. We’re excited to see the sessions, watch the keynotes, and meet people like you at the Bank Automation Summit. See you in Nashville! 

About the Author
Scott Draeger is the SVP of Product Marketing and Vertical Solutions at Smart Communications. With a passion for collaboration, he focuses on how communications can be better for the recipient and perform better for the business. He started as a document designer using a collection of hardware and software technologies, before moving to the software side of the industry. His broad experience includes helping organizations improve heavily regulated customer communications all around the world.