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The Dawn of a New Era in Customer Communications

By Scott Draeger, SVP of Product Marketing & Vertical Solutions at Smart Communications

It’s an important time in the customer communication market. Customers receive too many messages. Prospects receive even more. Enterprises with legacy technology debt spend more each year to deliver communications that fall farther below customer expectations. Workflows are becoming impossible to manage. Enterprises need a way to rapidly transform customer communications in a way that exceeds customer expectations, reduces communication costs, and ensures compliance. Enterprises need a solution that is comprehensive, easy to manage, and quick to deliver.

So, I am thrilled to join Smart Communications, a company that pioneered cloud-based customer communication and innovation. I recognized the incredible growth, glowing reviews, and expanding customer base that Smart Communications has developed over the years. Smart Communications is unique in being a leader with a singular focus on customer conversations, and holding the industry’s only “Customer First” designation from Gartner is a strong proof point.

As markets and companies grow, it is important to maintain focus and foster collaboration. This is especially true in markets that experience pressure from powerful external forces of compliance and customer experience. In my new role as SVP of Product Marketing and Vertical Solutions, I am lucky to lead a collaborative team of Product Marketing experts that set the direction for the overall SmartCOMM™ and SmartIQ™ offerings, paired with vertical solutions experts who ensure the technology supports the critical use cases in the insurance, healthcare, and financial services markets.

This focus is supported by amazing technology (including migration technology you haven’t seen yet!) that is ready to address the number one problem of enterprise communicators: complexity. I am impressed by how quickly these solutions simplify enterprise communication applications, as evidenced by Smart Communications’ placement on the Aspire Leaderboard for Vendor Hosted SaaS CCM offerings and the Aragon Research Globe for Workflow and Content Automation.

I am excited to see how the combination of SmartIQ and SmartCOMM is tackling the most difficult applications, streamlining deployments, and simplifying enterprise tech stacks by enabling the decommissioning of any, and all, of your underperforming legacy communication technologies. With Smart Communications' reputation for rapid cloud deployments, flexible omnichannel design capabilities, flexible content, and reusable data models; there is no reason to keep an underperforming communication infrastructure.

This is truly an inflection point in the customer communication market. The dawn of a new era of enterprise communication. That is why I am excited to join Smart Communications now. My team and I are eager to help you strengthen your customer relationships, streamline your operations, and deliver ROI across your enterprise by enabling the long-overdue communication stack consolidation that has eluded you for far too long.

You will be hearing more from us, but more importantly, we will be here listening to you.