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The Limitations of OCR: Why it’s Time to Rethink Data Capture

In today's digital age, relying on optical character recognition (OCR) technology for data capture and forms processing may no longer be sufficient for businesses seeking true digital transformation. While OCR has been a trusted tool for scanning and processing paper or PDF forms, it comes with inherent limitations that hinder a seamless and mobile-friendly customer experience. At Smart Communications, we offer companies a path to retire expensive, jarring OCR-based processes and truly reimagine data collection and forms-based processes. 

Understanding the Limitations of OCR 

Let's take a closer look at how organizations typically use OCR solutions to manage forms data and the challenges that arise along the way: 

Unnecessary Effort: Today’s customers expect speed, convenience, and personalization. So asking them to go online and download or print the right form creates unnecessary effort and impacts the overall customer experience. 

Cumbersome Form Filling: Lengthy forms and complex questions can be overwhelming for customers, especially when they are asked for the same information multiple times or are required to answer questions that are irrelevant to the process they are trying to complete.  

Inaccurate Data Collection: Scanning-based processes are limited in terms of how much data they can ingest and process—and the data they collect cannot be validated, resulting in errors, follow-up calls, and delayed processing.   

Delayed Processing: Despite best efforts, achieving scanning accuracy and approval automation with OCR is challenging. Processes still require manual intervention and forces processes that could be handled in hours to take weeks.  

Rethinking Data Capture and Digital Transformation 

To overcome the limitations of OCR and achieve true digital transformation, forward-thinking organizations are adopting intelligent, guided digital interviews that personalize the customer experience and streamline processes. Here's how this approach reimagines forms: 

Guided Customer Interviews: Instead of expecting customers to find and complete the right form, ask them what they want to accomplish and guide them through the process. 

Personalized and Prefilled Information: Leverage existing customer data to create a personalized interview experience, minimizing the need for redundant data entry.  

Mobile-friendly Capabilities: Utilize mobile features like geolocation and photo uploads to enhance the customer experience and support easy submission of required documentation. 

Simplified Journey with Business Rules: Replace confusing if/then statements with streamlined business rules that determine relevant questions, simplifying the customer journey. 

Seamless Multi-Device Experience: Allow customers to switch between devices without starting over, enabling them to complete the process at their convenience. 

Automatic Data Synchronization: Eliminate the need for intermediate steps like OCR by seamlessly synchronizing data with core systems of record. 

Automated Document Generation: Generate personalized documents, agreements, and contracts tied to e-signing for faster close and automatic archiving. 

Workflow Integration: Incorporate workflows to ensure timely updates and information exchange among the right people and systems. 

Move Beyond Static Forms with SmartIQ 

OCR may be limited to data capture, but SmartIQ offers a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses to go beyond scanning and truly embrace digital transformation. With our expertise and SmartIQ's capabilities, you can transform your static PDF forms into interactive and engaging customer experiences. Our exclusive Quick Reference Guide provides an insightful comparison of business processes before and after implementing SmartIQ

Break free from the constraints of OCR and embark on a digital transformation journey that puts the customer's needs at the forefront. By embracing intelligent digital interviews, you can enhance the customer experience, improve accuracy, and accelerate processes. At Smart Communications, we're here to guide you through this transformation and empower you with SmartIQ, a game-changing solution for end-to-end forms processes. Say goodbye to the scanning cycle and unlock the true potential of digital transformation in your business.