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A Scalable Approach to Claims Correspondence for Insurance

By: Ruth Fisk, VP Insurance Marketing at Smart Communications

With customer expectations higher than ever and climate change and other environmental factors intensifying the likelihood of losses – and subsequently claims – there is no better time for insurers to rethink their claims correspondence solutions.

Many insurers, unfortunately, have built siloed solutions to produce claims communications – ultimately leading to internal inefficiencies, compliance risks and an inconsistent, disjointed customer experience. However, every interaction an insurer has with a customer is an opportunity to shape the overall experience – and the multiple touchpoints throughout the claims process can make a customer’s experience a smooth one. This puts pressure on insurers to effectively orchestrate interactive, personalized two-way conversations, as opposed to the disjointed, one-way communications of the past.

In the infographic below, we provide insurers with one view of all of the unique customer interactions that span across the entire claims process. We also highlight how a modern customer communications platform like the  Smart Communications Conversation CloudTM  can enable insurers to seamlessly work throughout the claims process – key to digital transformation in the insurance industry and much more efficient than maintaining several disparate technology systems.

Infographic illustrating the claims correspondence process for insurance industries:

claims correspondence infographic











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