The Drivers Behind Moving To Operational Excellence Across The Insurance Industry

Customers in South-East Asia are transitioning to digital communications at a rapid rate. What was once (just a few months ago) a short trip to a physical store, is now a connection online, via an app, conversing with a chatbot.

Insurers need to go digital first. The industry has been forced to pivot to remote work styles, disrupting the processes and systems in place for teams who are on the front-line servicing their customers. Paper-based is no longer an option, time is at a premium, and teams are being forced to collaborate with each other online.

Join us to hear how insurers from the South-East Asian region are baking ‘social-distancing’ into their processes as they accelerate the move to digital. Discover how they are transforming static fillable PDFs and even hard-coded HTML forms into seamless two-way digital and mobile-friendly guided conversations.
• Adapt to digital-first: reinvent process and culture around online engagement
• Leverage data to power a two-way, personalised customer conversation
• Empower your business to update forms rapidly and reduce IT demand
• Rapidly respond to a surge in claims activity whilst reinventing remote working networks
• Deliver the same seamless digital interaction across any device 24/7


  • Nick Smith, VP & General Manager, APAC, Smart Communications
  • Paul Brenchley, Partner Insurance Advisory, KPMG Singapore
  • Matthew Eagan, Editorial Director, Innovatus Digital