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Box Accelerator for SmartCOMM

Integrate SmartCOMM with Box to seamlessly archive communications and connect with downstream workflow processes

Litmus Email Rendering Integration

Litmus' email rendering capabilities can be integrated into SmartCOMM to display your email content across 90 of the top email and mobile clients

SmartCOMM Accelerators for Salesforce

SmartCOMM accelerators and data mappings are available for a variety of Salesforce applications

AWS S3 Bucket Storage Integration

SmartCOMM can connect from an upstream and downstream perspective with AWS S3 buckets for enterprise data transfer

Fiserv Accelerator

The Fiserv accelerator helps to connect SmartCOMM with the financial services core system

SmartCOMM for Pega

Easily connect Pega applications to Smart Communications to create, manage and deliver personalized customer communications