Smart Communications and DocuSign Changing the Way the World Communicates and Conducts Business

Say goodbye to old, expensive paper and forms based manual processes. Say hello to mobile ready, adaptive customer experiences that save time and build brand loyalty.

eSignature software is a popular way to speed up and simplify transactions, however, digital signatures are just one step along the customer journey. Enterprises need to automate how information is managed both before – and after – that signature is obtained. That’s what’s behind the idea of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, which includes DocuSign Guided Forms, powered by SmartIQ.

SmartIQ, delivered as DocuSign Guided Forms, is a core component of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, helping organizations automatically Prepare and generate agreements for digital signature.

Together, we have helped over 70 organizations:

• Reduce time to complete new business applications by 60-75%
• Reduce development time of new digital applications by more than 75%
• Reduce calls to the contact center by 45%

From new account opening through customer service applications, organizations can deliver a fast and fully digital and mobile-friendly customer experience with SmartIQ.

Rapidly transform static forms
into intuitive adaptive interviews
that can seamlessly move
from desktop to mobile.

Manage collaboration,
review and approval processes
with experience-driven workflow
and DocuSign integration.

Deliver personalized,
on-demand customer
in real-time.

  • Loan documentation and agreements
  • Regulated industry standard forms
  • Claims and service requests
  • Accreditation applications
  • Insurance policies
  • License and permit applications
  • Health insurance enrollment
  • Supplier & employee onboarding

DocuSign became an official partner of SmartIQ in 2017 and since then we’ve seen truly amazing results reported by our joint clients, such as:

• In financial services, banks such as FNB of Utah and University Federal Credit Union
• In the public sector, a number of agencies within the State of California, including the California Department of General Services and the San Diego Airport Authority.
• One of the largest global technology services companies has implemented Guided Forms to automate its sales contracts and estimates it will save $15 million over three years

DocuSign’s eSignature also integrates with SmartCOMM offering a highly configurable and customizable solution to send, sign and track agreements and approvals like legal documents, sales agreements, HR forms, applications and more.

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If you’re using eSignature technologies without a broader view of the entire process of how your agreements are created and delivered, we invite you to contact us to learn more about Guided Forms, powered by SmartIQ.

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