Smart Communications and Vlocity

A SMART Combination

Today highly regulated vertically-focused organizations, like those in insurance, finance, health, communications, media, utilities, and government are continually challenged by increasing market changes and heightened competition.

Smart Communications and Vlocity have teamed up to provide a better digital experience to customers, agents, brokers, and employees alike with a modern, cloud-based enterprise document generation and customer communications solution that directly integrates to Vlocity. Built from the cloud up for the most demanding enterprises, SmartCOMM provides these key capabilities for any Vlocity customer:

  • Enterprise document generation – sophisticated tables, charts, images embedded in documents from 10s to 1,000s of pages long
  • Enterprise document processing – on demand, batch at scale, interactive
  • Enterprise integration – on-premise, private cloud, public cloud support
  • True omnichannel communications to reach customers where and when they prefer
  • Patented Smart Templates to power and manage documents and communications
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Disjointed processes and legacy systems make it hard to keep up with expanding customer expectations. Industry disruptors understand the importance of agility in their communications.

  • Deliver timely and relevant custom communications
  • Provide enterprise grade content that engages with customers
  • Create a digital experience that spans channels and devices

Media and Entertainment

Customers expect individualized experiences with one-to-one relevance. Successful firms embed business responsiveness within their communications.

  • Personalize relevant and timely conversations
  • Incorporate digital experiences like video and images inside documents
  • Easy to create and manage customized communications, without thousands of templates

Energy and Utility

CIOs face communications complexities across service, engagement, and sales to the full customer base – residential, commercial, and industrial. The best of breed solution from Vlocity and Smart Communications empower these CIOs.

  • Address complex and detailed document structures
  • Create more engaging customer and employee communications
  • Serve customers across multiple channels for immediate impact


Insurance carriers struggle to deliver on even basic digital experiences, due in part to legacy applications. Smart Communications makes it possible to innovate across these environments.

  • Omnichannel communications to best reach your audience
  • Create dynamic quotes and claims documentation based on policy type, jurisdiction, and more
  • Get to market faster while increasing brand integrity and loyalty


Legacy systems and processes limit the level of personal engagement with patients and partners. Solutions like those from Vlocity and Smart Communications make it possible to leapfrog the competition.

  • Quickly design and deliver targeted patient driven documents and communications
  • Streamline the creation and management of activities required to complete customer enrollment and group installation
  • Drive efficiencies with centralized provider data, credentialing, network administration, lookup tools, claims automation, and a self-serve digital portal


Smart Communications and Vlocity enable governments and non-profits to overcome legacy constraints and transform their organizations for the modern age.

  • Streamline client communications and engagement
  • Ensure multi-jurisdictional compliance
  • User friendly and easy way to create and modify communication templates for faster time to resolution

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Smart Communications and Vlocity can dramatically streamline and enhance the communications capabilities demanded by leading enterprises.

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