Migration from legacy made easy

Simplifying the migration process

Whatever your reason for considering Smart Communications we know that getting you from point A to point B is a critical part of the decision. Running inventory on your communications, prioritizing their importance, analyzing their complexity as well as trying to maximize the new advanced capabilities that come with a new modern platform. With hundreds of successful migrations from legacy platforms, we’ve got future-proof technology and experience to assist with even the most complex of projects.

Reduce Complexity, Decrease Time to Market

Migration Studio reduces the cost, time and complexity inherent with migrations. A suite of tools allows customers to intelligently migrate communications including text, styling, images, tables, and business rules and automatically creates them in Smart Communications.

Simplifies the migration process from legacy environments

Provides more effective strategic planning for migrations

Reduces the time and costs typically associated with most migrations

Automatically creates Smart Communications templates for further refinement

Migration Studio Capabilities

Microsoft Word and PDF-formatted communications to be migrated are analyzed and prepared for migration.

Migration Studio will detect a range of content types and extract the communication content artifacts including text, images, fonts and other styling elements, and tables.

In certain instances, Migration Studio can detect and extract embedded business rules in the communication to be migrated.

Migration Studio will automate the creation of required template resources

In Good Hands

Professional Services

Our professional services team has helped hundreds of customers make the move to Smart Communications and provides a range of migration-specific offerings designed to strategically plan the migration from inception through to go-live.


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