Create and collaborate efficiently on multi-channel customer communications within Salesforce

An altogether better way to engage customers and increase business productivity, Smart Correspond for Salesforce allows you to work seamlessly within and leverage data from the Salesforce environment.  Whether sales proposal creation, onboarding, customer acquisition, or customer contracts, Smart Correspond lets your business make document generation more efficient and controlled.

Experience Smart Correspond for Salesforce on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Seamless Data Access

Seamless integration with Salesforce data objects via a user-friendly interface.

Communications On-Demand In Your Brand

Generate highly personalized communications with just one click using your on-brand content.

Browser-based Draft Editing

Quickly update documents, select pre-approved content, and finalize documents ready for delivery.

Powerful Template Design

Create templates that use your Salesforce data, branded content and style-sets using the intuitive, browser-based Template Designer.

Chatter and Approval Workflow Integration

Using Salesforce Chatter, collaborate on drafts across your organisation for review, edit and approval with automatic tracking.

Communications Under Control

Avoid the need for PDFs and different versions of Microsoft Word-based templates so you reduce communications errors during customer acquisition, on-boarding and service.