Enterprise Communications without Enterprise Complexity

Every contract you send, every email, text message, statement, or push notification is all part of a larger, ongoing conversation with your customer. With more channels, faster customers acquisitions, and higher customer expectations how are you managing the conversation?

SmartCOMM™ for Salesforce helps you scale the conversation and deliver more than just a document.

Modern and purpose built for the enterprise, SmartCOMM™ for Salesforce is an intuitive way to deliver personalized communications that helps businesses scale their conversation across channels, brands, and languages. Remove the need for hundreds of templates and time intensive, expensive template management.

  • Guided user-based content creation to address complex business needs like jurisdiction, multiple languages, multiple brands, and different distribution channels
  • Speed up negotiation cycles with internal collaboration and contract negotiation giving time back across the organization
  • Comprehensive audit management enabling every change to be easily tracked and transparent to all parties working on a single version of a document

Increase Scalability

Simplify the creation and maintenance of templates, no need for technical expertise or professional services as your business continues to scale.

Simplify Collaboration

Review, collaborate, and negotiate with users inside and outside of Salesforce without the need for excess licensing or Microsoft Word.

Reduce risk

Work within a compliant framework so you can move fast while maintaining control over messaging.

SmartCOMM™ for Salesforce is an altogether better way to engage customers and increase business productivity. Stop talking at customers and start engaging with personalized communication that scales.

SmartCOMM™ for Salesforce Benefits

Powerful Template Design

Drag and drop, click driven template designer empowering business users to easily define business logic within dynamic data driven communications.

Draft Editor

Powerful intuitive editor for users to personalize communications in real time embedded seamlessly within Salesforce, empowering users to easily add free text and pre-approved content via simple choice lists or from a library of shared content.

Document Negotiation

Negotiate securely on the single latest version of a document with participants internal and external to your organization, with full enforced tracking and audit history.

Dynamic Data Driven Content

Business users are empowered to define logic within the template using run time data to dynamically include or exclude content from the final communication.

Relationship Map for Impact Analysis

Dynamically and visually see how template resources are referenced in other resources to ascertain the impact of changes.

Negotiation Features: Redlining, Blacklining, and Document Comments

Enable the business to collaborate and negotiate on a document with participants internal and external to the organization. Negotiation orientated features such as commenting, redlining, blacklining, audit trail cleansing, and cloning with rules.

Version Control

Automatic version control of template resources, enabling authors to branch and withdraw resource versions as necessary.

Chatter and Approval Workflow Integration

Share a document draft with other users in Salesforce to collaboratively personalize the communication, optionally leveraging Salesforce approvals before it’s finalized and sent to the customer.

Overlay Forms

Enable template authors to quickly take pre-designed forms and documents and enrich with data from Salesforce.

Multi-Channel Output

PDF, SMS, email, HTML pages, print, and more.

Service Cloud Console Support

Seamlessly integrated into the Service Cloud Console enabling agents to fully leverage the benefits of SmartCOMM™ for Salesforce in their day to day tasks.

Integrated E-Signature

Pre-built integration with DocuSign and Adobe Sign enabling organizations to quickly and easily enable their communications for electronic signature.

Secure and Compliant

Service delivered from a robust multi-tenant SaaS service accredited with PCI, HIPAA, SOC, and ISO certifications.

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