Top US Healthcare Provider

Leading US health insurance provider streamlines communication management

Picture this … you’re one of the leading health insurance providers in the US.

Millions of individuals and families rely on you to find the healthcare coverage that’s right for them, even moreso during a time of ever-changing policies, options, and opportunities.

But as your number of patients continues to grow, communicating in a scalable way proves challenging inside your current environment.

You’re using a legacy letter writer server, integrated with a legacy claims system that’s based on basic correspondence capabilities and built-in Microsoft Word capabilities. You’re spending $48 million in printed materials to reach members who prefer to be reached via digital channels.

So, you turn to Smart Communications.

We migrate your system to our cloud-based technology to increase operational efficiency and accuracy and improve customer experience, while reducing manual processes.

Now your template development time reduced from months to days, making it easier for you to get messages to members fast.

Emergency information that used to take days or weeks now takes a couple hours. Most importantly, that $48 million in printed materials? Now you can communicate with customers how they want to be reached instead – which means more than 2.6 million interactive communications being developed every quarter! That’s what it means to scale the conversation.

Legal just added a new sentence to the disclaimer. Shame it appears on six-gazillion communications.

Scale the conversation.

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