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Secure, scalable consumer engagement software solutions for payers and providers.

Drive Meaningful Member Engagement, Trust and Loyalty with The Conversation Cloud™

Payers and providers want to differentiate based on member experience. Smart Communications can help you do that by leveraging software integrations and intelligence to digitally transform how you collect healthcare information from and communicate with your members. We can also increase collaboration among your stakeholders and coordinate critical member and patient journeys.

Get in touch with us to improve benefit utilization, claims processing, and health outcomes while increasing your operational efficiency. Together we will digitally transform your one-way multi-channel communications into two-way omnichannel conversations powered by industry-leading software solutions.

Improve the member experience at every stage of the customer lifecycle while also improving your claims processing workflow and operational efficiency.


Accelerate Digital Transformation in Healthcare With Smart Software Solutions

For many health payers and providers, digital transformation efforts are either taking longer than expected or are not achieving the desired results. Whether you seek to streamline enrollment experiences or minimize claims processing issues, our software provides comprehensive, versatile solutions. We have experience with critical customer journeys and use cases that span the entire healthcare customer lifecycle, from acquisition to onboarding to servicing and back again to renewals.

Create Guided Omnichannel Experiences

Your customers want you to show that you know them and to direct them towards desired outcomes. Create seamless, guided omnichannel experience by connecting your website, portal, application, and other touchpoints. We help healthcare organizations just like yours orchestrate journeys, create conversations, eliminate forms, and improve claim processing with our industry-leading Conversation Cloud™ software. They now enjoy higher NPS scores, Forrester CX Index scores, and renewal rates and are more profitable than their peers.

Orchestrate Journeys

  • Product/Price Discovery
  • Asking a Question
  • Making an Appointment

Create Conversations

  • Notifications & Reminders
  • Bills and Statements
  • Correspondence

Eliminate Forms

  • Prior Authorizations
  • Consent Forms
  • Claim-Related Forms

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