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Serving the Customer in the Digital Age

Digital disruption has been a fact of life for many industries for almost two decades now. However, it has taken a pandemic, and the rising threat of digitally smart competitors, for the utilities industry to truly kickstart its digital journey and begin to meet the rising expectations of their customer base. In this new world, business as usual is no longer an option.

Over 100 professionals working in the utilities industry were surveyed to uncover how the industry is faring when it comes to serving the customer in the digital age.

• The good news: the industry recognizes both the imperative to change and the solutions that will enable and accelerate that change
• The bad news: there is still a proportion of the industry that is moving too slowly, with investments in key enabling technologies being phased over the next five years

The infographic visually highlights the key findings and insights gained from the survey with an expanded look into the good and bad news viewpoints.

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