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Digital Forms Transformation Software Can Make Your Business SMARTER

Static fillable PDF and web forms are dinosaurs in today’s digital-first world. It’s time to transform traditional forms-based processes into intelligent, conversational user experiences. Attract customers – and keep them loyal – by delivering seamless, mobile-friendly, guided interactions while also streamlining internal systems, managing risk and reducing demand for support services. The result? More customers ready to transact and less friction – from account opening to onboarding to service.

Watch how SmartIQ digitally transforms paper and PDF forms and manual business processes to enhance and simplify your customer experience.

SmartIQ empowers enterprises to deliver SMARTER conversations throughout the entire customer lifecycle with guided forms.

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Are you stuck in the PDF paradigm? Upgrade your electronic forms.

If you’re not changing the way you look at electronic forms at each point in the customer lifecycle, you are missing a huge opportunity. This eBook explores how traditional static forms are inhibiting customer engagement and illustrates how leading-edge organizations are rethinking the way they capture and confirm customer information as part of an interaction. Discover how to reimagine your customers’ journey in the context of digital transformation.

Benefits of SmartIQ

Use data to guide every interaction, adapted to the customer’s context and device.

Enable multiple customers or participants to contribute information as part of a single process.

Cut through customer confusion, improve transaction completion rates and reduce manual work needed to resolve mistakes.

Prefill guided interviews with information you already know by connecting to your existing data and systems. Or link to your RPA or BPM platform for advanced business processing. Then automatically update your systems along the customer journey.

Empower business users to drag and drop fields and business rules and get new products to market faster. Low code and user friendly with no Java skills required!

Optimize the customer experience for better results using the analytics dashboard.

Incorporate automated workflows so you can respond on-demand. Connect with third-party data sources and e-signature solutions like DocuSign, enabling customers to complete agreements lightning fast.

When there’s too much to say and every message matters.

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