SMARTER conversations depend on providing consistent interactions throughout the entire customer lifecycle. The Conversation CloudTM makes that possible.

Our unique Conversation Cloud framework is at the heart of everything we do. It helps enterprises easily integrate Smart Communications customer communications management solution with other key pieces of their technology ecosystem. These tight integrations reduce internal silos and lead to more complete customer views, capitalizing on investments across the business and enabling the smartest conversations every time.

See how the Conversation Cloud enables exceptional customer interactions and experiences.

Don’t talk at your customers — start a conversation.

All of our products have been purposefully built to deliver meaningful customer conversations across the entire lifecycle—empowering enterprises to succeed in today’s digitally-focused, customer-driven world while also simplifying processes and operating more efficiently. Don’t let your data get trapped in silos! Connect your data, applications, and customer history to deliver engaging conversations that are relevant and impactful, time after time.

Conversations begin with customer events that are triggered by any of your business systems. For example: a customer’s policy comes up for renewal, a monthly statement is available online, or an installation is ready to be scheduled.
Our Conversation HistoryTM repository integrates with your existing business systems and data to provide deep insights into your customers, helping you to better personalize your conversations.
Smart Communications then creates the communications using personalized content from the enrichment process. This can be in any format — whether that’s print, email, SMS, chatbot, voice assistant…the sky’s the limit!
Conversation HistoryTM tracks all outbound conversations produced by SmartCOMMTM and stores any data you choose. The results? You’ll always know the status and history of your outbound communications.
Smart Communications provides an API that makes it easy for third party systems to update the Conversation HistoryTM, ensuring you always have a full picture of your prior communications.
All Conversation HistoryTM updates can be used to find trends to improve the next conversation cycle.

Conversations Made

Our Conversation HistoryTM feature allows enterprises to better understand the impact of their customer communications and leverage important trends to evolve these interactions into even more meaningful conversations over time. It listens to all outbound communications and stores them in a highly-efficient and scalable repository. Performance insights can be used to hyper-personalized subsequent communications or aggregated to uncover trends across the business.

The Conversation Cloud Marketplace

The first of its kind in the CCM space, our Conversation Cloud Marketplace provides a selection of pre-built adaptors and plug-ins to common technologies used by enterprises to communicate and engage across the entire customer lifecycle (automation, email, e-signature and social messaging tools; chatbots; fonts; and consulting partners). It effortlessly allows for tight integrations, a reduction in internal silos and more complete customer views.

When there’s too much to say, and every message matters.

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Customer Conversations in the Cloud

In this whitepaper, we explore the importance of having more meaningful customer conversations, the benefits of cloud deployments, and how assembling customized ecosystems comprised of best-in-breed technologies can improve internal efficiency and the overall customer experience.

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