SmartCORR for Salesforce New Features

Today, it is more important than ever to deliver customer communications that are highly relevant, personalized and timely – and this can be especially challenging when you’re interacting with large volumes of customers across a variety of preferred channels and devices.

SmartCORRTM for Salesforce improves customer conversations, providing stronger quality and legal control in every communication. By leveraging data – as well as pre-approved templates – from right inside the Salesforce environment, the production of customer conversations takes minutes, not days.

If you strive to create a more tailored touch, SmartCORR for Salesforce offers multiple features designed to better engage customers and increase business productivity. Read on to learn more about key content assembly capabilities related to rich data and endpoints support.

Rich Data Content

Salesforce text fields containing rich content (e.g. bold, italic, underlines, etc.) can now be used within SmartCORRTMfor Salesforce. Formatting is passed through from the data item into the SmartCORRTM for Salesforce output, making it easy to include rich content directly within SmartCORR for Salesforce templates.

Here is an example of rich-text formatting, which can have bold, italic, and underlining included in the source fields from Salesforce. To learn more about this capability, contact [email protected].

Support for End Points

Support for End Points provides the ability to embed external content in your document output.  Content (e.g. images, text, diagrams, etc.) that is stored within Salesforce can now be included directly into SmartCORRTM for Salesforce templates using External Content Links.  These links identify where content resides and make it available to the SmartCORRTM template during document assembly.  Additionally, content from other Standard End Points can also be included in SmartCORRTM templates.

These are just some of the ways Smart Communication’s SmartCORRTM for Salesforce solution allows you to scale the conversation, making it easier than ever to deliver highly personal customer conversations to each of your customers.

To learn more about how to get the most of our SmartCORRTM for Salesforce solution, visit us at

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