Smart Communications is named Leader in IDC’s 2020 Worldwide CCM MarketScape! Read the highlights here.

In its most recent Marketscape published at the end of March, we’re proud to share that IDC has recognized our company as a leader in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) space and to validates that our strategy is aligned with what customers will require in three to five years and on how well they are building and delivering capabilities that enable the execution of those chosen strategies.

As one of the first traditional CCM platforms to make the move to a full multitenant SaaS solution, our customers can take advantage of the benefits that only a cloud-solution can provide, including blue-green deployment, elasticity, and access to over 40 microservices and AI services. This means fast time to market, better ability to scale and integrations to more services.

What sort of company should consider Smart Communications? Per IDC…
“Consider Smart Communications when you are a midsize or large company in a highly regulated industry, such as insurance, healthcare, or financial services, that seeks a cloud-first strategy and needs document templates to be easily updated by non-IT staff to improve compliance to everchanging regulatory requirements. Organizations that desire less reliance on IT staff or need to reduce touch points to move from static document generation to more interactive communication methods may find Smart Communications a good fit.”

Through an ever-deeper integration of Intelledox capabilities into the Smart Communications portfolio, Intelledox customers can benefit from being able to provide a full end-to-end interactive conversation with customers across the entire customer lifecycle. In fact, Intelledox interactive forms capabilities were specifically called out as a strength in the profile. Customers who use Intelledox in their data collection process can now have even more impactful customer conversations bringing in SmartCOMM for communications that are highly personal, on brand and contextually relevant, delivered to the channels of your customers choice.

If you are interested in learning more about Smart Communications, read more in the report here.