DocuSign is the eSignature of choice for hundreds of millions of people worldwide to complete contracts and agreements. But how do those agreements get created in the first place? What “systems” are in place? What happens to them after they are signed? These questions are behind DocuSign’s System of Agreement platform. The System of Agreement platform connects DocuSign’s e-signature platform with every other aspect of the agreement process, revolutionizing how agreements are prepared, signed, enacted and managed. This helps enterprises accelerate the move to digital and get started quickly where it makes the most sense across customer acquisition, onboarding and service use cases.

The DocuSign System of Agreement platform relies on four key aspects in the agreement lifecycle:

  • Pre-fill an agreement with data from files or other systems
  • Automate routing and signing function
  • Update records or trigger actions in other systems
  • Manage existing agreements with secure retention, retrieval and reporting

Using Digital to "Prepare" agreements efficiently

The most complex step of any agreement is the “Prepare” stage. No agreement is worth the paper (or electronic device) it is written upon unless all the information within it is accurate and complete. This is where SmartIQ, a Smart Communications solution, comes into play to support the DocuSign System of Agreement platform.

Through an integration with SmartIQ, the system can pull data from systems of record to pre-fill these agreements, embed the DocuSign experience in other applications where employees already work, and trigger post-agreement actions, like billing, account activation and payments.

Through SmartIQ’s next-generation forms, you can collect new information needed, as well as confirm known information in core systems. Instead of following the fillable form paradigm, you can create an intuitive, adaptive interview experience.

Through pre-built connectors, SmartIQ can automatically pull data from your CRM or other core system and dynamically generate an agreement with the right customer or vendor data, customer-specific terms, products, and price. You can then supplement that data with real-time questions and comments that occur online (such as in a chat interface) and capture those interactions as part of the agreement’s completion record.

Then, you can use that information to trigger production of personalized agreements, notices or other communications in real time on demand, via any output channel. With SmartIQ’s workflow, you can route these communications to the right people for approval and signature.

Customers (or employees or vendors) complete the information you need to collect, then the system assembles that data, connects it with additional data from multiple sources, and hands it all off to the “sign” step in the System of Agreement process. All electronically – eliminating manual steps, paper and inefficient processes.

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