Cookie Policy

Cookies are used on Smart Communications websites and products.

Cookies are tiny files that are stored within a browser and enable us to create the most effective website for our customers and visitors. Smart Communications only uses cookies: (i) on our commercial products to ensure the security of individual transactions and (ii) on our website to measure how you use the website so it can be updated and improved.

Your browser gives you a variety of controls with respect to cookie control and whether they remain after the session or after you restart the browser. For more information see your browser’s privacy controls.

Below is a list of the cookies that we use. We have grouped the cookies into specific categories.

These are cookies that are vital to the operation of our websites such as ensuring that content is served to the individual user who requested it, to confirm that the login has been authenticated. To use our website(s) you must allow these essential cookies to be stored on your machine.

Functional and Performance
These cookies provide us with the ability to give an individual user either additional functionality or to monitor the performance of our websites.

Tracking Cookies
These cookies track your interactions across the internet and monitor your actions.

Type Explanation
Essential Smart Communications uses session based cookies and others to enable the use of Smart Communications, and we deem these cookies as essential to provide you with the functionality required. If these cookies are not allowed, then our products may not perform in a user-friendly manner or perform at all.

The session based cookies that fall under this area include the following:

·       onesessionid

·       _one_ssoidentifier

·       _one_deviceid (lasts 90 days)

·       X-Mapping-nccanphe

Some of our products can be used with Salesforce, and when this happens additional essential cookies need to be enabled to allow transactions to take place.

The cookies that fall under this area include the following:

·       Force_sid

·       Force_ep

·       apex__genId[Random Number]

·       _one_sfendpoint

Functional and Performance Smart Communications uses cookies additionally to store your name should you request it so that for future transactions this can be presented to save you time in establishing a session.

·       thRememberMeUsername (lasts 7 days)

·       _one_keep_logged_in (lasts 1 to 365 days, configurable by customer)

Tracking Cookies Smart Communications do not use cookies that track a user across different customer sites.

The data that’s stored in Smart Communications cookies is not encrypted, but with the exception of the thRememberMeUsername includes a unique non personalized ID number, generated by our internal systems.