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How the Pandemic Is Transforming Banking Services for Customers Facing Financial Hardship

The pandemic-induced recession has fundamentally reshaped the ways banks engage with both consumer and business customers. In large part, the sudden drop-off in economic activity caused by COVID-19 lockdowns and business closures led banks to rethink how to best serve customers facing financial difficulties.

To learn about the banking industry’s solutions to these challenges, we surveyed approximately 150 representatives from credit unions and national, regional and community banks. This playbook is packed with expert insights into how banks responded during the crisis and illustrate future steps for improving loyalty and customer experience. You will discover:

- Why empathy matters to customers more than ever
- Which technologies and capabilities can help you serve customers facing financial hardships
- How to leverage today’s changes to better serve customers in the future

Download the playbook to learn more!

Download the playbook!