Welcome to the Smart Communications Academy

With a range of Instructor Led Training and eLearning modules, the Smart Communications Academy provides a blended training and certification program designed to empower our customers and partners to construct the most impactful customer communications. We offer a comprehensive range of certifications for both partners and customers looking to become part of a growing network of certified customer communications professionals.

Our combination of hands-on Instructor Led Training and eLearning modules makes it easy for new users to learn at their own pace, applying real-life examples to the creation of highly customizable customer communications.

In addition to our virtual training delivery platforms, we offer live interaction with our trainers to help you get up-to-speed with the latest Smart Communications tools.

We’re proud to provide training and certifications in the following areas:

SmartCOMMTM – Training on all aspects of developing personalized, on-brand communications. Our blended training solution includes Instructor-led training and self-paced eLearning modules covering all aspects of the SmartCOMM cloud platform including data modeling, template development, document layout design, branding, interactive, on-demand and batch processing.

SmartDX TM – Learn how fully compliant documents for Sell-Side and Buy-Side firms are produced inside SmartDX. Our courses cover the development of these documents and related resources, along with the use of our Collaboration feature to expedite rapid edits, reviews and instant approvals – all conducted centrally and securely with a full audit trail of all negotiations conducted on a single golden copy of the document.

SmartCOMMTM for Salesforce – Learn how to produce enterprise-class customer communication inside the Salesforce environment. Our courses cover all aspects of the use of SmartCOMMTM for Salesforce – from seamless access to Salesforce data for your templates and the use of Chatter and approval workflow integration, as well as powerful template design and editing through our easy-to-use browser-based interface.

We also have training agenda briefs for SmartCOMM Instructor Led Training:
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