Content Intelligence

Is your content aligned with your customer communications strategy?

Content Intelligence provides a user-friendly way to both manage and optimize the content used in customer communications. As a business user, you will gain a better understanding of your existing content and more easily identify areas of repetition or redundancy with variants that are being used across your business. Content Intelligence capabilities allow you to optimize the readability, tone, and sentiment within your communications, enabling you to focus on what you're striving for - truly engaging with your customers.

Improve Engagement Through Simplified Language

The clarity and readability of your company’s customer communications can have a direct impact on customer experience. Simple, clear, and concise communications improves trust, CX scores, and even revenue. Our Content Readability capability uses industry-leading algorithms to provide a real-time readability score of the individual content blocks utilized in your communications. That's content intelligence.

Sentiment Analysis

Strike the Right Tone With Your Content

Get a real-time analysis of the sentiment used in shared content blocks with rankings of positive, neutral, or negative to ensure that your communications engage customers in the best way possible.

Reduce Your Content Overhead

Whether through migration from legacy customer communication systems or just over time, similar content exists across your communications that are often not optimized for efficient sharing. Our Content Similarities capabilities surfaces similar content at the time of import/migration, or at any other point, and rationalizes the content across the CMS into shared content fragments that are optimized for reuse.

Content Intelligence Similarity

Leverage a deeper understanding of your content and optimize for impact

Improve the impact of your communications with a focus on customer-centricity

Reduce and rationalize duplicate and similar content across communications to simplify internal processes

Increase internal efficiency with simple and easy content improvement authoring experiences

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