The Omnichannel Advantage:

How Enterprises Can Orchestrate Consistent, Customer-Driven Experiences Across Channels

With an increasing number of communication channels like SMS, in-app messaging, WhatsApp and more, there are now more ways for customers to interact with businesses than ever.

Every interaction a business has with a customer is an opportunity to shape the overall experience. Businesses need to effectively orchestrate those interactions, making them part of an interactive, personalized two-way conversation, as opposed to disjointed, one-way communications.

This ebook explores how enterprises can orchestrate effective omnichannel conversations, creating consistent, customer-driven experiences across channels. Specific insight includes:

• The key differences between multichannel and omnichannel communications
• How customers’ expectations are changing and why digital is the way forward
• Key benefits of omnichannel customer conversations
• How Smart Communications can help

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