Highlights of Smart Communications Latest Release – SmartIQ13 

The Smart Communications team takes tremendous pride in continually innovating and improving our customers’ abilities to have SMARTER conversations that elevate the customer experience.

In our latest releases you will see investment in continued themes around improved customer experience, ease of use, deployment flexibility, and enterprise integrations. Below are some of the key highlights on the most recent major releases as well as links to critical resources so that you can continue the journey for this, and subsequent releases.

SmartIQ IQ13 Release Highlights

Migration to .Net Core: IQ13 marks the completion of a transition from Microsoft .NET Framework to Microsoft . NET Core. This was a significant investment which aids in future proofing the SmartIQ platform for our customers and opens new deployment opportunities.

Transition to CI/CD: Continuous Integration / Continuous Design (or CI/CD) practice forms the backbone of modern-day DevOps around the world. We’re proud to announce that, starting in IQ13, SmartIQ has transitioned to full end-to-end CI/CD, helping to close the gap between acting on feedback from customers and partners and delivering enhancements to respond to new market opportunities.

Approvals: Building on Approvals enhancements that were included in IQ12, users can now streamline the approval process with a single view of all outstanding approvals, comments, and more.

  • Simple Approval summary overview
  • View all comments and audit at once
  • Visualize activities from a Dashboard view
  • Enable quick approval from dashboards to execute an approval without the need to open a form
  • The SmartIQ Data Connection has been enhanced to include more information about tracking inflight Approvals and displaying the information in dashboards

Embed SmartIQ within your Website: SmartIQ now supports site framing security settings to be configured from within Manage for multi-tenant instances to bring the power of SmartIQ within your website.

Event Generation: Generate calendar invites in the .ical format and attach to email correspondence to remind customers of key dates and/or appointments. The .ical format is used by the majority of calendar and scheduling services including Microsoft Exchange and Office365.

Tenant Level Email Configuration: Cloud customers in multi-tenant environments can override the SMTP email delivery server information to control how and where email is delivered. This introduces an ability to trap all outgoing email in development and test environments with external tools to review and refine outbound communications and notifications.

Distinct filter on Data Connections: The new functionality allows users to quickly configure and filter lists to remove duplicates and display only unique rows. This new setting applies to all built-in data sources and can be configured by data source extensions.

SmartCOMM Appliance Support: We continue to enhance our cross-platform integration experience with a new integration extended to SmartCOMM appliance customers.

Additional Resources 

All of the details on SmartIQ IQ13 upgrade including release notes can be found on the Customer Community and in the What’s New Guide.


SmartCOMM SC23 Release

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