Modern Customer Communications:
Driving ROI and Delivering More Meaningful Conversations

James Brown


To succeed in this brave new world in which customers are in control, a company’s approach to customer communications management must evolve if it wants to retain and grow relationships with them. It’s no longer enough to simply keep pace with these empowered consumers. Companies must now anticipate and then exceed their expectations. This is precisely why I am so excited to join Smart Communications.  I firmly believe that we are uniquely capable of delivering on the promise of delivering more meaningful customer communications while also helping companies operate more efficiently—scaling the conversation.

What does it mean to deliver more meaningful customer conversations? Here are a few critical items:

  • Responding quickly and in the channels consumers prefer
  • Recognizing customers and demonstrating you value them as individuals
  • Communicating with your customers, not just at them, and doing so via the channels they prefer – including digital contact points on the web, via email and SMS messaging, even chatbots and other automated services – and in as close to real time as possible
  • Incorporating relevant customer data and beginning and ending at the will of the consumer, not the sender

Today’s consumers have declared that they will move on from brands that fail to meet their upgraded expectations. In fact, a study from Salesforce indicated that 52% of consumers say they are likely to switch brands if a brand does not make an effort to personalize communications1. Preventing this and going one step further to exceed expectations and create loyal brand enthusiasts can go a long way toward increasing ROI.  Combine this with automating processes and increasing internal efficiency with modern, cloud-based technology investments, and the results can be tremendous. A Forrester Research Total Economic Impact study found a major U.S.-based financial institution saw benefits totaling $16.7 from both reduced costs and greater efficiency, and a 260% ROI.

Our latest whitepaper explores multiple ways enterprises can take full advantage of the CCM technology available to them and offers a glimpse into success stories from multiple industries. Read more.

  1. State of Connected Shoppers Report, Salesforce, 2016